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Attract Your Soulmate with EFT

A 30 minute content packed webinar containing everything you need to know to get started with using EFT to attract your soulmate

Are you on a quest for true love but feel like you're always coming up short? It's time to explore a new path to romance with my transformative 30-minute webinar, "Attract Your Soulmate with EFT."

Things We Cover:

Introduction to the Power of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): introduce you to the essentials of EFT and how it can revolutionise your approach to finding love.  

EFT's Role in Your Love Life: Discover how EFT can help dismantle the subconscious barriers that have been hindering your love journey.

Learn the EFT Tapping Points: I'll guide you through the key EFT tapping points, teaching you how to utilise them to channel your emotional energy positively.

Alleviate the Stress of Finding a Partner: EFT strategies to reduce this stress, allowing you to approach your quest for love with tranquility and optimism.  

Visualise Your Ideal Relationship with EFT: What does your dream relationship look like? Use EFT to clarify and manifest your vision. 

Ready to open your heart to the possibilities of love?

Join my "Attract Your Soulmate with EFT" webinar and take the first step towards a fulfilling romantic life. Click below to register and begin your transformation!


Tamara Donn

I help frazzled mums regain their calm, enjoy their kids and get more done. I'm the author of the award winning book, "Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 Minutes a Day”. I am a parenting mentor, EFT trainer and family constellator and together with my husband, Peter Donn, we run the EFT training Centre, training people to become EFT practitioners in UK and online. My presentations include the two Mental Health Conference, St Albans, The Association of Peri and Pre Natal Psychology Congress in Los Angeles and the Womb To World Conference, London, We live in Hertfordshire with our daughter and in my spare time, I love running, dancing and hanging out in my allotment!

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Attract Your Soulmate with EFT


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