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EFT Basics

How to tap and what to do if you are not getting the results you want

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or simply in need of a way to regain your calm and balance? Whether you're a busy parent, a professional juggling multiple responsibilities, or anyone looking to enhance their emotional well-being, this EFT Basics course is here to help!

What You'll Learn in EFT Basics

What is EFT: Uncover the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Learn how this simple yet powerful method can help you manage emotions, reduce stress, and bring about greater emotional balance.

History of EFT: Dive into the origins and evolution of the EFT practice. Understand the scientific and psychological roots of EFT and how it has developed into the practice used today.    

EFT Tapping Points: Learn the key points in your body that can unlock emotional balance. I'll guide you through each tapping point, explaining its significance and how it can influence different emotional states.

Effective Phrasing: Master the words that can amplify your EFT sessions. Learn how to create affirmations and phrases that resonate with your personal experiences, enhancing the effectiveness of your practice.    

Troubleshooting: Overcome common hurdles and enhance your EFT experience. I'll address typical challenges and questions, providing solutions to ensure your EFT journey is as smooth as possible.

Persistence with EFT: Discover how to maintain and deepen your practice. Learn strategies for incorporating EFT into your daily routine, ensuring long-term benefits and continuous personal growth.    

EFT Manual: A comprehensive guide to support your journey. This manual is your go-to resource for everything you learn in the course, complete with detailed instructions, tips, and additional exercises.

Why EFT Basics?

This course isn't just about learning a technique; it's about transforming your life. You'll gain tools to:

     Manage stress and anxiety with ease.    
Enhance your connection with your children.    
Boost your daily productivity and joy.

Real Results from Real People

"I tapped throughout the weekend and I'm feeling much better. Te cough is almost gone 😊”, Terez Major

“I’m very new to tapping but I could see results straight away. It’s so easy to do when me or my children need it.", Loreto

"I tapped before my last 3 interviews and they’ve gone SO well so EFT made a HUGE difference.”, Priya Mahtani

Course Curriculum

Tamara Donn

I help frazzled mums regain their calm, enjoy their kids and get more done. I'm the author of the award winning book, "Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 Minutes a Day”. I am a parenting mentor, EFT trainer and family constellator and together with my husband, Peter Donn, we run the EFT training Centre, training people to become EFT practitioners in UK and online. My presentations include the two Mental Health Conference, St Albans, The Association of Peri and Pre Natal Psychology Congress in Los Angeles and the Womb To World Conference, London, We live in Hertfordshire with our daughter and in my spare time, I love running, dancing and hanging out in my allotment!

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EFT Basics


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